MK Productions is at the forefront of business development and project management for digital art and animation ventures. Our philosophy is that collaboration yields the most creative-and most successful-results. That’s why it’s our goal to bring the most talented and innovative art and animation professionals to the entertainment, corporate and advertising industries.

Melissa Kangeter-Gray is an art and animation industry veteran. She realized early in her career that developing, managing and producing digital art and animation is exciting, multidimensional, and often very challenging.

That explains why Melissa has been a mover and shaker within the arts and animation industry since 1993, with solid experience in business development and project management for video game, broadcast and Internet ventures. She has managed large-scale teams as an executive with Mondo Media, and previously held the position of acting CEO for Treanor Brothers Animation, a highly respected art and animation studio based in San Francisco. In 2002, Melissa established MK Productions with the goal of connecting an extensive network of talent and clients together.  In an industry that marries art with commerce, she is well respected by both the talent and the clients.

I have worked with MK Productions, Inc. on more titles than I can
count…they have always been one of my best ‘go to’ resources. They have
consistently finished my projects on time and on budget and have always been
on the cutting edge of digital art and really add an amazing level of
creativity to my projects. MKP is highly talented and professional team of
manager, developers and artists. You won’t regret taking a chance with
MKP…We haven’t.

– Chris Archer: Executive Producer; Activision/Blizzard

‘Twice I’ve come to MKP with projects that had tight deadlines and unusual license parameters, and twice they’ve come through on time, on budget, and with a great final product.  Now, any time I have a cinematic need or need some extra art resources, they are on the top of my list.

– Jeff Nachbaur; Producer; Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment

You guys are the best at what you do – we dropped your final movies into the game! (I knew they would be great- and THEY WERE!)    I just saw them on the build that kicked out last night, and like I said, I am so happy that we can trust you guys to always deliver what you say you will deliver.  Great quality, right on time, PERFECT!  Hasbro loves them, we are extremely pleased!  Thanks again!!

– Amy Adkins; Producer; Electronic Arts